Are you a musician, singer or composer? Have you always dreamed of being able to create your own music by controlling every step of the creative process? Even 20 years ago, it was very expensive and very complicated. You had to buy a multitude of instruments, go to a studio and hire a sound engineer. But today with the rise of the M.A.O (Computer Assisted Music), you can do everything from home!

Many of Mao’s software exists. Some are free, others more or less expensive. Your choice will depend on both your needs and your means. We’ve prepared a quick overview of state-of-the-art software in 2020, with a focus on their pros and cons.

5 Best Software to Create Beat Music


Apple celebrates 15 years of GarageBand in 2019. The software or app – for tablet and smartphone – allows you to record, mix, master and broadcast. To compose your songs, you can take advantage of the library of virtual sounds and instruments or plug in your own instruments/microphones. You can create music pieces with up to 255 audio tracks. But the sounds and features remain very basic compared to paid software. Garageband is more aimed at an amateur profile even though songs (and even hits) like Rihanna’s Umbrella and A$AP Rocky’s Praise the Lord Rocky and Skepta were created, in part, with the software.

Price: free.

Logic pro X

Also launched by Apple, this professional midi audio sequencer is the advanced version of GarageBand. More complicated than the latter, it has more features and a greater variety of instruments. You can juggle 250 audio tracks. Music made in Logic pro? The background to Christeen and the Queens’ song “Damn, Tell Me” is lined with loops from the software.

Price: $229.99

Cubase Elements 10

Entry version of Cubase software, it is available on both Mac and Windows. Developed by Steinberg, this midi and audio sequencer is considered a reference. This basic version manages 48 audio tracks. Want to test it? You get 30 days free.

Price: $99 for the Cubase Elements 10 version. The more professional versions are $309 for Cubase Artist 10, with 64 audio tracks, and $559, for Cubase Pro 10, which offers unlimited tracks.

Pro tools

Developed by Avid, Pro tools can handle up to 128 audio tracks. It is one of the cutting-edge software used by many professionals. A free version exists: Pro Tools first. It allows you to manage up to 16 tracks. This sequencer is available on Mac and PC.

Price: $559.00 for the classic version and $929 for the Ultimate version (one year), which can handle up to 256 tracks.

FL Studio

Appreciated by those who are new to electronic music, FL Studio stands out for its way of operating. Thanks to patterns, the sound sequences pile up on each other to create the song. A very complete demo version exists freely available, but does not allow you to download the sounds. After 20 years of PC exclusivity, the Mac version is out in 2018!

Price: $189 for the standard version


Of course, this list remains non-exhaustive. Other beat making software exists like: Reaper, Tracktion, Reason, Studio One or Sonar.



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