Creating Music: The Best Software in 2020

Are you a musician, singer or composer? Have you always dreamed of being able to create your own music by controlling every step of the creative process? Even 20 years ago, it was very expensive and very complicated. You had to buy a multitude of instruments, go to a studio and hire a sound engineer. But today with the rise of the M.A.O (Computer Assisted Music), you can do everything from home!

Many of Mao’s software exists. Some are free, others more or less expensive. Your choice will depend on both your needs and your means. We’ve prepared a quick overview of state-of-the-art software in 2020, with a focus on their pros and cons.

5 Best Software to Create Beat Music


Apple celebrates 15 years of GarageBand in 2019. The software or app – for tablet and smartphone – allows you to record, mix, master and broadcast. To compose your songs, you can take advantage of the library of virtual sounds and instruments or plug in your own instruments/microphones. You can create music pieces with up to 255 audio tracks. But the sounds and features remain very basic compared to paid software. Garageband is more aimed at an amateur profile even though songs (and even hits) like Rihanna’s Umbrella and A$AP Rocky’s Praise the Lord Rocky and Skepta were created, in part, with the software.

Price: free.

Logic pro X

Also launched by Apple, this professional midi audio sequencer is the advanced version of GarageBand. More complicated than the latter, it has more features and a greater variety of instruments. You can juggle 250 audio tracks. Music made in Logic pro? The background to Christeen and the Queens’ song “Damn, Tell Me” is lined with loops from the software.

Price: $229.99

Cubase Elements 10

Entry version of Cubase software, it is available on both Mac and Windows. Developed by Steinberg, this midi and audio sequencer is considered a reference. This basic version manages 48 audio tracks. Want to test it? You get 30 days free.

Price: $99 for the Cubase Elements 10 version. The more professional versions are $309 for Cubase Artist 10, with 64 audio tracks, and $559, for Cubase Pro 10, which offers unlimited tracks.

Pro tools

Developed by Avid, Pro tools can handle up to 128 audio tracks. It is one of the cutting-edge software used by many professionals. A free version exists: Pro Tools first. It allows you to manage up to 16 tracks. This sequencer is available on Mac and PC.

Price: $559.00 for the classic version and $929 for the Ultimate version (one year), which can handle up to 256 tracks.

FL Studio

Appreciated by those who are new to electronic music, FL Studio stands out for its way of operating. Thanks to patterns, the sound sequences pile up on each other to create the song. A very complete demo version exists freely available, but does not allow you to download the sounds. After 20 years of PC exclusivity, the Mac version is out in 2018!

Price: $189 for the standard version


Of course, this list remains non-exhaustive. Other beat making software exists like: Reaper, Tracktion, Reason, Studio One or Sonar.



Breville Just Released A New Coffee Maker And It’s A Total Success

Ever since the Australian company Breville put their footstep in Espresso machine, they give a hard challenge to their competitors for their money to run in this business. They have a wide range of machines. Some of them are coffee makers with grinders. You might find it confusing to choose the best one for fulfilling your brewing needs. Don’t worry. We are here to ease your job. A detail about Breville product features are described here for your convenience.

Why Breville Is Different From Others?

Breville was founded in 1912. Over years, it is now a well known name in Australia for its innovative coffee machines. It is the most sought after name for Barista’s at home. In 2019 they have come up with their new range of coffee makers with grinders. This is extremely convenient for those who want to get the taste of expensive coffee without compromise. But what made them stands out among others in the similar domain is their relationship with the customers. Customer feedback holds a great value for them. They try to incorporate the feedback in their upcoming designs.

The Breville Advantages You Will Enjoy

All the products have one year warranty. If you find any defect or it breaks little early, your product will either replaced or repaired.

The customer service is really praiseworthy. They value the feedback and keep it in mind while designing the next models or upgrade the existing models. They have a strong customer attending team. The representatives are available round the clock to answer to your product related query or resolve any issues over phone if possible.

The machines and the user guide manual are pretty easy to understand to get familiar with the new member of your kitchen. No matter whether you are an expert or a complete novice, the simple to understand manual will convert you to a pro within a short span. That is the magic of Breville.

Most of their appliances are with stainless steel base. Because of this feature, they are durable and cleaning becomes easy too.

Proportional Integral Derivative Control Technology or PID technology is used in most of the Breville products. It controls the extraction of temperature with least fluctuation. This is useful to utilize optimal temperature range in order to achieve the drink with consistent concentration.

They think the proportion of beans matters most in the preparation of best quality beverage. The homemade drinks cannot attain the level of shops due to poor dosage. Most of the automatic devices use 11-13 grams of grounds but Breville uses 19-22 grams. It brings a remarkable change in flavor and taste.

Breville’s Barista Express Espresso Machine

This is another wonder product which is a coffee maker with grinder. The built in grinder control grounds on demand. Your coffee is made with the freshly ground beans to increase the flavor according to your preference. The PID technology delivers water with exact temperature to obtain the optimal extraction. The steam wand is there for creating micro foam that enhances the taste to another level. You can control the grind size for all types of beans.…

3 Secure Browsers to Protect Your Computer From Five Eyes Alliance

When talking about international information exchange agreements, things can get complicated quickly. Do not worry; We will take you by the hand through fundamental information on the Five-Eye Alliances. These alliances can be a risk to your privacy, but we will tell you exactly what you have to do to protect your information and keep your activity anonymous.

The Five Eye Alliance was born following an intelligence pact from the Cold War era called the UKUSA Agreement. Originally it was an information exchange agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom that was intended to decipher Soviet intelligence.

In addition to the nations of the Five Eye Alliance, the existence of two other international information exchange agreements has been confirmed. These two agreements, known as the Nine Eye Alliance and the Fourteen Eye Alliance, may not imply a relationship as close as that of the Five Eye Alliance, but they still have serious implications for privacy.

Knowledge is power

You have to be aware of the laws and regulations of the Internet in the country where you live. For example: Is it even legal to use a VPN in your country? In most cases, the answer is yes, but not in all.

Another important consideration is the country in which your VPN provider’s company is registered. Generally, it is recommended not to choose a VPN provider with its headquarters in a country associated with the Alliance of Fourteen eyes if you are concerned about online privacy. Here are 3 best browsers to use if you want to protect you PC from 5 Eyes Alliances.

Anonymous browsing in TOR

Tor is the best known and most used network outside the surface Internet. It is formed by nodes of entry, transit, and exit, through which the user’s communication passes until they reach their destination. Click here to find out what is Tor

The multiplicity of hops and the encryption that it performs in each one makes it almost difficult to track or analyze a statement. It has about 200,000 users, which makes it the biggest anonymous network now. It is very easy to use and has assisted in several languages ​​and for many programs, such as Linux, Windows, and even Android. In addition, the navigation speed is very beneficial and uses relatively few sources.

Anonymous browsing with I2P

The Invisible Internet Project (I2P) is an anonymous and decentralized interface that also provides its users and purposes to navigate anonymously.

Unlike the routing that TOR uses, in I2P, several packets are sent rather than one, which goes by different nodes. In expanding, unidirectional entry and exit tunnels are used, so the call and response will take divergent paths. For this reason, in I2P, it is much more difficult to carry out a traffic investigation than in TOR or a popular VPN since it practices not only certain nodes and tunnels but also sends some packets, not just one.

Anonymous browsing on FreeNet

This is the most antiquated browser of all as it started working in 2000. It is meant as an extensive peer-to-peer (P2P) interface of non-hierarchical nodes, within which they receive data.…

How Important is to Choose a Real Estate Broker?

As per the new real estate license, the first step is to choose a real estate broker. To find the right one is not an easy task. Being a pro at real estate William Gaudreault has some tips for you to learn how to choose the best real estate broker.

  • Ask the details of commission split

Most of the brokers get their payment on commission. If you don’t sell, there’s nothing to be paid. But when you are selling, you will get paid. It is necessary to know the commission structure before you select a real estate agent. The commission depends on the market share, reputation, company culture, and resources. You will want to pick a decent brokerage, the more experienced you are, the better the commission split you can expect.

For instance, you are selling a home at a cost $300000 and the average brokerage fee in this location is 6%. This will first get divided between the selling and the buying agent and come down to 3% which means $9000. You will be sharing this $9000 with your broker. If the split is 60/40, then you will be receiving $5400. And this calculation excludes other expenses and the taxes.

A good commission on the brokerage depends on several parameters like the market condition, the resources, and the support of the broker and others.

  • Estimate your expenses

Before compare between two real estate agents, the services they are offering and the commission splits, you have to determine your expenses. How many earnings do you need to meet your personal expenses and for the new real estate venture?

Gather information on how to take your new business forward from different resources. Then compare the services of different brokers.

  • What is your choice? Franchise or independent brokerage?

You can choose between the franchise and independent brokerage to work for. Both have some advantages and drawbacks. Big companies have many branches across the country or sometimes they have overseas branches too. But the independent firms are small in every aspect. They have few branches and they serve a small community covering a small area. If you work for a franchise, you have to follow their business structure and work culture. But if you work for an independent broker, you will have more freedom on your work and you can take decisions on your own for the betterment of the company.

  • Learn about the reputation and market position

Before choosing any broker, do good research about it. Search on the internet as a buyer and see the results and reviews. Also, get information about the market share of the firm. If you are satisfied with their reputation and they have a strong presence in the market, then go for it.

  • Training and mentoring

Many brokerage firms conduct training sessions, especially for beginners. These sessions make them familiar with the pros and cons of the business. They usually charge a cost for this training and motivational lectures.

Take these considerations into your account while choosing one broker. This needs thorough research and time. Don’t get puzzled. Keep your requirements and business goal at the top and then sit with several brokers to get the fittest one.

Reach William Gaudreault at

Address: 39 Boulevard Saint-Luc, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J2W 1E3

Phone: (514) 834-1342

Here Are Some Things You Should Prevent When Starting A Brand-New Business

You’re fired up about your business concept and excited to release your business into the world if you’re like lots of brand-new business owners. It’s worth stepping back and making sure you prevent some typical errors that afflict lots of brand-new business. Making the best relocations in the start can help you to avoid significant headaches in the future.

1. Overlooking To Make A Business Strategy

Numerous novice business owners stop working to prepare a business strategy. Such a file does not need to be comprehensive or particularly long. Taking the time to chart a business strategy will help keep your efforts constant, serve as a rallying point for your group, and offer turning points to determine your development.

2. Insufficient Financial Preparation And Resources

It prevails for business owners to overlook financial development and lowball just how much capital they’ll need to get their business up and running. The outcome is typically insufficient funding to attain your objectives and a money capture only as a business is striking its stride.

To prevent such issues, make sure to prepare financial forecasts for your brand-new business, particularly for the very first 12 months. This can also help you in protecting funding and financial investments.

3. Purchasing Possessions With Your Capital

A regular error that can trigger a money scarcity is using your operating money to spend for long-lasting properties. Instead, when identifying how you’ll pay for significant purchases such as devices, equipment, or significant IT investments, think about using a business loan that has a term matching the possession’s life expectancy. (For instance, a seven-year loan for a car you anticipate to use seven years).

4. Preventing Outdoors Assistance

Numerous brand-new business owners hesitate to confess they need aid. Do not be shy about looking for a coach, working with an outdoors specialist, or producing a board of advisers to offer you support and concepts.

5. Setting The Wrong Rate

Do not make the error of setting your standards-based exclusively on what the competitor’s charges. When choosing what to charge, it’s essential to investigate your expenses in information for each of your items. Keep an eye on real costs as you go to make any needed improvements.

6. Neglecting Innovation

Canadian businesses lag their U.S. equivalents in innovation financial investments which effects our efficiency. Make sure to think about how change might settle for your business with enhanced development, performance, and success.

7. Overlooking Internet Marketing

Make sure to think about methods to harness the marketing capacity of the Web. Advertisements on social media platforms can be a simple and economical method to target particular market sections.

8. Stopping Working From Discovering

As you start your business, gain from your preliminary wrong moves and use them to help your ultimate success. Bear in mind that numerous winning business owners stopped working in their very first efforts, however, returned to grow after studying what failed and enhancing.

Six Methods To Stabilize Business Acumen With Creativity

Getting a business off the ground can be a genuine obstacle for even the most devoted start-ups. Business like The Embassy Visual Results is showing that the best mix of business insight and imaginative thinking can help you in protecting your grip in the market.

“You can be creative; however, you can’t forget the truth that you’re running a business that will need to show earnings. I believe we have discovered a great balance there”.

1. Profit From Your Experience

Vancouver-based The Embassy Visual Effects was the creation of 4 digital artists who had actually currently gotten significant market experience in other business. Right now, they could provide the market’s leading conceptual designers. These are individuals who helped form a few of Hollywood’s best movies such as Jurassic Park. When you’re starting a business, it makes good sense to guarantee your skill constructs customer self-confidence.

2. A Business Strategy Is Critical

Because it was starting in 2002, Helgason’s studio has grown from 4 workers to a group of 14 and now exports 85% of its business to the financially rewarding digital effects market in the U.S., And like many active businesses, his studio began with a strong business strategy. “I had some task management experience and had actually dealt with bigger companies, so I understood my business strategy was an excellent entry into lots of doors, ” he states.

Recalling, Helgason suggests that startner business owners make sure that they comply with the standards of banks and supply all of the details needed. “All business need to go through due diligence which can be requiring, so it’s crucial to have specialists to help you to put your strategy together”.

3. Market Yourself Tremendously

“We also made sure from the start that we could display our portfolio in a vibrant method. You need to be hip and stylish in our business, so we used the Web to display our developments to prospective customers, “states Helgason.

His business now boasts huge brand name customers and constructs on these success stories to draw in business. “Once individuals see the quality and creativity in our advertisement areas, they’re more than all set to try us out, “he states.

5. Prevent Being Under-Financed

“Operating capital is so crucial in the start since you might have to wait for a little before you create money, “he states.”At first, his business went to BDC for working capital, which was integrated with some personal financial investments.

6. Tread Thoroughly With Money

“Awards like huge cars and trucks can come later on. And you want to be able to reinvest in your business to drive its development, “he states.”Some financial obligation is appropriate; however, you need to be able to keep control of your business too.

7. Be Innovative With Cost-Savings.

Business owners must always be looking at their development capacity; Helgason thinks mindful preparation is vital to a business’s health. “In our own case, we wished to keep our staff member numbers down and keep the quality of our work. That’s crucial in my business, “he states.

Can Google Chrome Run Andriod Apps

It deserves discussing, nevertheless, that some Android apps do not run exceptionally well in Chrome, so you’ll need to do a little experimentation to find which apps work best.

Set Up ARC Welder

The most convenient part of the entire procedure is setting up ARC Welder. Just head to the Chrome Web Shop page for ARC Welder and click set up. After the brief setup procedure is total, you’ll have the ability to run ARC Welder from the Chrome apps page.

ARC Welder is developed for Chrome OS, however, and the tool does caution you that some “platform particular bugs” exist on other running systems.

We host many APKs of popular apps, however for more odd apps and discovery we advise APKMirror as your Android APK source, mainly since it has a great user interface and you can download older variations of virtually every app in their collection if needed. They even have different variations of numerous apps for various processor architectures. If you can’t discover what you’re looking for at APKMirror, AndroidAPKsFree is another sensible source.

Neither site has actually paid apps, since downloading APKs for paid apps is piracy. You’ll have to look into that yourself if you truly want to download a paid app to use with ARC Welder.

Run Them In Arc Welder

When you have your APK prepared, merely introduce ARC Welder in Chrome, and pick a directory site where ARC Welder can compose some short-lived files. To release the app, click ‘test.’

Some crucial Android apps like Gmail, Maps, and Facebook crash instantly after they pack, while others like Keep and Microsoft Word hang forever on their load screen. We did discover some apps that did work from our short test duration:

  • Twitter loads and runs completely. Animations are a bit sluggish, as you ‘d get out of emulation software application. However, the experience is good enough.
  • Plex also appears to work. We might play videos in the app with small audio distortions.
  • AccuWeather had some flickering concerns sometimes however did a load.
  • If you want to do some network efficiency screening, works
  • Slack works fine

A lot of video games we checked did not work or filled to a black screen. This isn’t extremely unexpected, as ARC Welder isn’t constructed to deal with complicated 3D work. An old video game like Temple Run does a load. However, it renders at about three frames per 2nd, and you can’t make it past the menu screen anyhow.

ARC Welder isn’t truly developed to run Android video games in your web browser. Rather, it’s a tool mostly targeting app designers wishing to port their apps to Chrome OS, which is why non-game apps are far more most likely to load and function properly. Of all the apps we evaluated, approximately 40 percent of them packed and operated in ARC Welder.